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Apple launches "cheap" iPhone: will it be as successful as its predecessor?

Apple launched the "budget friendly" iphone herstellen gent yesterday. With this device, the technology giant wants to attract people who think the iPhone 11 is too expensive. The iPhone SE will cost 489 euros and is based on the iPhone 8, a device from 3 years ago. This is the second time Apple has introduced an SE model to the market.

Launches of a new iPhone are usually big events, but these are only for the "flagships", the expensive devices with which Apple likes to unpack. These events take place in the autumn. In order to meet the iPhone enthusiasts, Apple comes every few years with a "budget-friendly" device that is presented in the spring.
Clone of the iPhone 8
At first glance, the iPhone SE is a copy of the iPhone 8, a device that is now 3 years old. But the big difference is mainly under the bonnet. The iPhone SE has the Bionic A13 chip, the same powerful processor as the iPhone 11. This processor ensures that the device can continue to receive the necessary software updates in the coming years. According to Apple, the Bionic A13 chip manages battery consumption much more efficiently. As a result, it should last much longer than the iPhone SE of a few years ago.
People looking for a smartphone with a large screen will come back from a bare journey. At 4.7 inches (12 cm, ed.), the iPhone SE has a screen that is much smaller than the iPhone 11 or most Android devices in the same price category.

Physical touch ID from iphone herstellen gent

And unlike most smartphones today, the "budget-friendly" iPhone only has one camera in the back. This is remarkable because Samsung, Huawei and even Apple are trying to outdo each other with the number of cameras. A smartphone with 4 or even 5 cameras is no longer an exception.
At the front, the iPhone SE has a physical button, which contains a fingerprint scanner. This ensures that you don't have to enter a PIN code to unlock your device. Apple follows the competition. Most smartphones in this price category have a physical button with scanner. The more expensive devices such as the iPhone 11, Samsung S20 or Huawei P40 have a face scanner or fingerprint scanner integrated in the screen.
The previous iPhone SE was launched in 2016 and was an unexpected success. With this model Apple hopes to do the same again. The device will be in stores from April 24th.

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